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The Mottled Javas dashing plumage consists of a black base with white markings on the tips of feathers, which imparts a spotted appearance. Now couple this with a strong body structure featuring a very long,broad back and a deep breast and they are quite a sight. They are able to adapt to difficult living situations such as inclement weather.


Though they are slow-growing compared to the broilers used by the commercial chicken industry today, they are great meat birds. The hens lay a quantity of large, brown eggs and will hatch their young. Javas are particularly known as good foragers, needing less supplementary grain than many breeds when allowed to free range. Like many large breeds, they are known to be docile in temperament.


In general, Javas are particularly suitable for keepers of smaller flocks who require a good dual-purpose chicken. The males can reach 9.5 pounds and females 7.5 pounds. Javas had nearly vanished by the end of the 20th century,having been pushed to fringes of the poultry world by the intense focus on one or two breeds by commercial growers, and the introduction of innumerable new and exotic breeds to poultry fanciers. Javas were especially notable as meat production birds throughout the 19th century, with their popularity peaking in the latter half of that century.


Mottled Java info

Mottled Java info