Java Breeders of America Mission Statement

The purpose of the Java Breeders of America Poultry Club is to encourage the long term preservation of Javas through selective breeding, exhibition, and through sharing knowledge. We also realize it takes a lot of hard work and determination. Here are the steps we will take In order to achieve our goals.

  • We must show quality sportsmanship among our fellow members.
  • Provide our members with adequate information on breeding Javas.
  • Help our members locate hatching eggs, chicks or breeding stock.
  • Educate our members with information on breeding and showing Javas.
  • Help the general public to recognize that the Java is on the threatened list and what we can do to increase its numbers.
  • Encourage and educate the junior poultry person on the value of breeding Javas.

With these goals the Java Breeders of America Poultry Club will preservere Members will learn about showing Javas and the steps they need to take to become an exhibitor. The Java Breeders of America poultry club publishes a quarterly e-newsletter. The newsletter is only posted on this website and can be sent out by email. Membership to the Java Breeders of America Poultry club is $10.00 a year for adults, $15 a year for families and $5 a year for juniors. Please send a check or money order to

Got Java

195 Northglen Lane,

Martindale, Texas 78655

Membership fees help keep our website running, pay for ads in various poultry publications and can be used for show prizes.


Black Java Halloween Costume

Black Java Halloween Costume